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Buy cheap pomegranates for export wholesale

buy cheap export pomegranates from this collection you can export to other countries and sell pomegranate in different quality and prices, but because of the first-hand supply of export pomegranate company, the prices are very cheap and reasonable.

The largest pomegranate producer and distributor in Iran, the company has been able to encourage many buyers and companies to cooperate and buy products by offering the best quality pomegranates at reasonable rates.

buy Pomegranate Wholesale

One of the reasons we have increased the demand for pomegranates from other countries in our company is the competitive price of the products that we have been able to satisfy with the minimum price of our customers.

Pomegranate prices will be more appropriate if we buy pomegranates in bulk and at high tonnages, but this will in turn give the buyer a reasonable discount and overall higher profits.

Buy pomegranate for export

You exporters can export this company under market price for export of premium pomegranates in different grades and this collection will eventually cooperate with you dear ones.

It is not possible to buy pomegranate for export from any set or intermediary, and if the buyer does so, he or she has made a big mistake because exporting pomegranate requires expertise and knowledge, and no retailer can offer this product to international buyers. That is why you should try to buy companies that specialize in pomegranates and not all fruits.

Buy cheap pomegranates for export wholesale

Cheap exported pomegranates may not be feasible because of any high quality export products, but we do so because we are the largest producer of pomegranates in Iran, with extensive pomegranate gardens and a first-hand supply of pomegranates. We can export the pomegranate at a cheaper price and then we will have a good profit.

The best way to buy exported pomegranates is to cooperate with producers who have exported pomegranates in their program and provide them with the immediate export pomegranates.

You can contact us to buy and sell this product:
Pomegranate sales advice: Mr. Zare
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contact us: +989174466722
Telegram: inarcompany@

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