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Buy pomegranates for export directly from the garden

Ask us to buy pomegranates for export directly. Buying pomegranate directly from the garden is a much better price than exporting the market, so if you buy this product in bulk, the price of pomegranates will decrease again.

Exported pomegranates are sold by intermediaries and speculators at very high prices, but if we shorten the speculators’ hands, we will prevent the pomegranate prices from rising in the market.

Export pomegranate is known as an export product because of its high quality and many foreign buyers are also interested in entering this field.

The major buyers and traders of pomegranates can only buy this product at a cheaper price if they are purchased directly.

Pomegranate Gardens in Iran

The best exported pomegranate varieties in the country can be easily purchased in bulk and directly from any gardens south or center of the country, so the price you pay is very reasonable.

Pomegranate companies first market this product so if we can partner with these companies to export pomegranates we can produce cheaper and better quality pomegranates and ultimately make higher profits. Let’s bring it.

Buy pomegranates for export directly from the manufacturer

Do you know the benefits of buying pomegranate from the producer directly for buyers and businessmen?

  • The final price is much more reasonable and cheaper
  • By eliminating intermediaries, we prevent market seizures
  • Better quality and higher purchased pomegranates
  • Buyers will be more satisfied at the end of the transaction
  • More foreign companies would then be willing to cooperate with Iranian manufacturing companies.

Important Iranian pomegranate varieties for export

More than 5 varieties of pomegranates are cultivated in Iran, of which only a few cultivars are suitable for export to other countries and can be sold at a good price.
Of these, 5 are more popular than other varieties of pomegranates purchased by high-value foreign buyers.
These 3 digits are:
Pomegranate Rabbab
Pomegranate malas
Pomegranate Ferdows
Kuhdasht pomegranate
pomegranate nadery

You can contact us to buy and sell this product:
Pomegranate sales advice: Mr. Zare
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contact us: +989174466722
Telegram: inarcompany@

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