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Export quality pomegranates to Russia

Export quality pomegranates to Russia to Russia and other Russian-speaking countries are mainly made possible by inar, and given the company’s first-hand production of pomegranates, the purchase price of pomegranates will be very ideal for customers.

Pomegranate in Iran, due to its quality, has been very successful in attracting customers, and on the other hand, the price of pomegranate in Iran is much better than in other countries.

Pomegranate varieties

Pomegranate is one of the most ideal fruits for export because it has the following conditions:

  • Its sturdy shell is perfect for carrying around the world, unlike most fruits
  • Its production is very high in Iran and no country in the world can produce this volume of pomegranates
  • Its taste is very special and unique, and there is little to be found who will not enjoy eating it
  • The properties of pomegranates are great and are useful for almost any disease

The variety of cultivated varieties in Iran is very high and according to Agricultural Jihad statistics more than 5 types of pomegranates are cultivated in Iran.

  • Tabrizi
  • Sweet Shahvar
  • Males Aqda
  • black seed
  • Gajag
  • Sweet Alc
  • Ardestan
  • yazd

Best quality pomegranate

Like other fruits, pomegranates are marketed in different grades, and this difference in grade and quality will result in price differences, but the best pomegranate on the market is premium and premium.

Iran’s premium pomegranate has the potential to export to Russia and other countries, and we must provide the export infrastructure to foreign countries well.

Sell first class pomegranates

Pomegranates are well known in the global market for pomegranates, and many brands operate in the field, some of which are very popular.

First-rate pomegranates are sold in the Iranian market in a variety of ways, some being first-hand and others being mediated, but buyers prefer to sell first-hand at a reasonable price.

Export quality pomegranates

Export quality pomegranates are very common in Iran and are mainly traded in high volume.

For nearby countries, shipment is cheaper by conventional containers because of the limited time to shipment to the target country without the need to use refrigerated containers.

However, due to the distance dimension, European and East Asian countries cannot use the container and the most common method of transport is the use of sea freight.

The export of first-rate pomegranates to Russia is also done by transit or rail transport.

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