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Iranian Pomegranate Export Market

The Iranian Pomegranate Export Market has been flourishing in many parts of the country with a high diversity in production, and it has been able to take the pulse of the global market.
Few people can find that there is not enough information on the amazing properties of pomegranate in fresh and dry form, but for further clarification, we will continue to discuss it.

The Iranian pomegranate export market is located in most of the southern and central provinces, which is why it provides a large part of the country’s products.

Quality pomegranates in Iran are produced in 3 types of red pomegranate, black pomegranate and white pomegranate seeds, and have different and unique qualities and flavors.

Iranian Pomegranate Export Market

The pomegranate export market in Iran is located in the cities of Neyriz, Saveh, Ferdows, Kohdasht, Estahban and Arsanjan.

Exports of pomegranates are good for gardeners and major producers of this product, including:

  • More profits on product sales
  • More care and production of pomegranate with export quality
  • Package suitable for customer’s price and demand

The pomegranate has many benefits and benefits that surprise some experts. The following benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Reduce blood cholesterol
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Alzheimer’s treatment
  • Preventing Arthritis

Iranian pomegranate exports to Asia and Europe

With 70,000 hectares of pomegranate and 800,000 tons of pomegranate annual production, Iran has the world’s largest producer of this product, and therefore has a high potential for export of pomegranate.

The first grade pomegranate exports are made in the following models:

  1. 5-layer carton packing
  2. 3-layer carton packing
  3. Plastic Basket Package
  4. Bulk packing

Pomegranate products and derivatives

pomegranate products

pomegranate products

Pomegranate juice, dry pomegranate seeds and frozen pomegranate seeds, pomegranate past, pomegranate sauce, pomegranate juice concentrate, all of which can be exported to other countries, including Asian countries. Must give priority to the production and cultivation of pomegranates.

Variety of Pomegranate Models in Iran

Pomegranate is offered in three models:

  1. White pomegranate
  2. Red pomegranate
  3. Black pomegranate

Each of the above models has unique features including:

  • White pomegranate is the earliest pomegranate and has a thin skin and sweet taste.
  • Red pomegranate has 80% production in Iran and has a moderate or thick skin and its taste is between sweet and sour.
  • Black pomegranate is the longest pomegranate and its taste is sweet.
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