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Neyriz pomegranate spread with the best quality

Are you looking to buy and Neyriz pomegranate spread? Pomegranate online broadcasting has been popularized by many people to make pomegranate varieties available everywhere and provide everyone with the best possible quality.

Neyriz pomegranate has many varieties, pomegranate robab is one of the most famous pomegranate varieties of this city, among which pomegranate robab is famous worldwide.
Robab pomegranate produced in Neyriz is often red and rarely can be found in black pomegranate.

Neyriz black pomegranate is Iran’s best pomegranate and foreign buyers are very keen to buy this product, due to the lack of black pomegranate pulp and its excellent quality and unique taste, its price is somewhat more expensive.

Neyriz pomegranate broadcast online

Applicants can purchase and distribute Neyriz pomegranate online  by contacting this collection to order the best quality pomegranate.
Due to the direct distribution of pomegranates from the orchard, the prices offered by iNar company are very special and our customers have been extremely pleased to cooperate with us.

Pomegranate broadcasting online has many advantages for buyers, some of which are listed below:

  • Convenient shipping to all over the world
  • There is no need for the physical presence of the buyer and reduces the cost of customers
  • The purchase price will be very reasonable for the buyer and the intermediaries will disappear
  • Any amount of pomegranate can be purchased with any volume
  • The best pomegranates can be purchased in the shortest time.

Neyriz pomegranate and its quality

If you have had the experience of eating pomegranates for a while, you will notice their special quality and attractive taste.
Neyriz pomegranates need no explanation and are a well-known brand in Iran and the world.

Pomegranate buyers The first place to come to mind is the city of Neyriz.
There are other cities in Iran that produce pomegranates, but the quality of Neyriz pomegranates is much more specific.

Neyriz pomegranate spread

Neyriz pomegranates are distributed by certain companies in Iran and some of these companies export pomegranates to other countries.
Neyriz pomegranate is one of the most desirable pomegranates in Iran due to this quality, every year many buyers from Russia, Iraq, UAE, Oman, Korea and Japan as well as other countries enter into contracts with pomegranates.

You can contact us to buy and sell this product:
Pomegranate sales advice: Mr. Zare
Connection paths:
contact us: +989174466722
Telegram: inarcompany@

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