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Pomegranate prices in Iran | Its contribution to the African market

Do you know how pomegranate prices in Iran are? What causes pomegranate prices in Iran to fluctuate? Is the price of pomegranate in Iran more suitable than other producing countries such as Turkey and India?

One of the features of garden products, such as pomegranate or other products, is the continuous fluctuation of prices on the market.
There are many factors that can lead to pricing and price fluctuation of pomegranate.
The most important factors affecting pomegranate prices in the country are seasonal and cyclical changes in supply, fluctuations of global prices to domestic markets, pomegranate peel and fluctuations due to the general trend of prices.

According to the studies conducted in this field, pomegranates are used in large gardening products in Iran’s food basket and are among the popular goods of the people.
Despite the importance of the pomegranate and its fruit, the market for this product is always marginal and with price fluctuations.
Therefore, the price of pomegranate is evaluated in this article.
To this end, we’ll list them individually for a better understanding of these factors.
Among the pomegranate types of Iran that have a high volume of export orders to their African markets, pomegranate Robab and black pomegranate and pomegranate sugar are mentioned, but in general the quality of pomegranate Robab and Don Black for export to neighboring countries and the African market It is much more suitable than other types of pomegranate.

Most of the orders of these countries, as well as the Persian Gulf and neighboring countries of Iran, which have low purchasing power, are second grade pomegranates.
African merchants buy pomegranates in bulk or in beautiful packaging.
In order to understand and appreciate the price of pomegranate in Iran, it is possible to call the pomegranate pomegranate production plant or the pomegranate production plant or its prestigious pomegranate store, but the best method is to ask the pomegranate in Iran.

Pomegranate prices in Iran

According to the evaluation of prices in the pomegranate market, due to the different quality, the price of pomegranates in fruit and vegetable fields varies from 3500 to 10 thousand tomans, although this price is also sold in the city of 6-10 thousand tomans.
Comparing the average domestic and global prices of pomegranates indicates that the global price of pomegranates in the world based on the price of the dollar these days, the price of this product in the country is half the world price, which is why most merchants in other countries tend to buy pomegranates from Iran. Also, to buy half the price of pomegranates from the domestic market you can make your trips in bulk so that the purchase price for buyers is half.
Low prices drive buyers to buy more pomegranates.

Pomegranate Reputation Centers

One of the best places in each country and town to play agricultural and food products such as pomegranates are the main centers, such as fruit and vegetable fields, markets and large stores or fruit stores in that city or country.
In this article, we try to introduce pomegranate shopping centers in a separate way so that you can buy them at the time of your visit to buy them.
Also, the places that they refer to include dealerships that customers can buy directly and without intermediaries, both in terms of both product quality and cost-effective savings.
The pomegranate sales market dates back to decades ago.
In our country, if you are looking for a good quality pomegranate, you can visit the centers for distributing this product in large and small towns, especially in the fields of fruit and vegetables.
If you want to buy pomegranate from the market for a cheap and decent price, join us to get to know you on the best pomegranate shopping markets.
Finding cheap pomegranates from the labor market is not difficult because there are a large number of famous and well-known markets with numerous shops in Tehran, Fars, North Shahr, or Saveh and in the suburbs that have been distributing this garden product.

The best pomegranate brand in the market

From your point of view, as a major or minor buyer in the pomegranate business, which pomegranate is the best and best pomegranate specific to which brand of pomegranate and which producer?

Iranian pomegranates include all kinds of pomegranates produced in the country’s gardens.

The number of centers claiming to be the best are numerous, but which ones can prove their claim is important and can be your choice to start cooperating with you to buy.
In the domestic market, buying and selling pomegranates can be found with a variety of brands of pomegranate peel production, whether it is Iranian or other.
In order to identify the best brand of these products, the pomegranates of the brand should pay particular attention to the advantages and disadvantages of introducing it to the best.
In the following, we will be familiar with the best brand or brand of Iranian pomegranate on the market: Rabab Niriz, Pomegranate Saveh, Naderi Badrood, etc. In the titles that passed, the following points were mentioned:

  • Pomegranate sale
  • Pomegranate properties
  • Online supply pomegranate
  • Buy pomegranate online
  • Pomegranate Sales Representative
  • Pomegranate buyer
  • Good pomegranate characteristics

Pomegranate types in Iran

Pomegranate is one of the tree fruits that often have red, sometimes white, or colored beans.
This fruit is grown in different types in Iran such as:

  •  pomegranate Khafar Shiraz

The symbol is white and sweet pomegranates.
It’s a little cheaper than the rest, because their blood seems to be redder than this one! But the pomegranate has more white matter: omega-3, omega-6 and more food, and it’s more expensive in the European countries than the red seed.

  • Pomegranate Saveh

Pomegranate Saveh is famous, perhaps for 3 reasons; sweets, thin skin and long lasting.

  • Pomegranate Firoozkooh

The pomegranate is coarse and juicy; the peeled skin is intact and has a slight burst. Its sweetness is mild (sweet and sour) and has a high shelf life and is the best kind of pomegranate for those with blood pressure or blood pressure.

They say there are more than 740 types of pomegranates in Iran, but “Pomegranate Rabb Niriz, Shirin Saveh, Alec Saveh, Mills Isfahani Red Gray and Qajaga Qom” are among the famous Iranian pomegranates.
When buying, other than the name of the pomegranate, you should see whether the pomegranate is heavier than it is, with a smooth, clear, thin, and without cracking skin, it can be a sign of the quality of pomegranate.

Complete List of Pomegranate Manufacturers

In addition to the pomegranate and its natural habitat center, Iran is also the center of variety of cultivars and has the richest pomegranate genes in the world.
In the 1970s, the gardening research department of the Research Institute of Cultivars collected that the full list of pomegranate production in the country is as follows:

The Neiriz, Saveh, Qasr Shirin, Varamin and Ahwaz stations indicated that the cultivars of pomegranate were collected and stored in Nerizi (75 varieties) of Saveh (17 varieties), Qasr-e-Shirin (6 varieties), Varamin (37 varieties) and Ahvaz (8 digits) have been.
These cities are considered to be the best pomegranate producers in the country, and most of the products are exported to neighboring countries.

Effective factors in pomegranate pricing


As mentioned, pomegranates in the market have different qualities, but with the same quality difference, the totality of the marketed product indicates that this year’s pomegranate has good quality.
For this reason many factors are involved in pricing this garden product.
Most important among these factors is the volume of market demand in each season, so to understand these factors we have listed them separately below:

  • Annual production of this product
  • Seasonal variations
  • global price
  • Import and export market

Pomegranate production in different packaging

Match the size of packages to customers’ preferences in the delivery process and pay attention to tastes in consumer behavior, provide the product specification sheet with packaging, deliver the product according to the specifications and samples provided, proper handling and storage facilities, use of materials Proper packaging for long distance shipping can also be useful in shelf life and product enhancement.
It will bring many buyers both at home and abroad.
Of course, with the advances in technology and science today in the packaging market we see a variety of models and weights of pomegranate packaging.

High quality pomegranate distributor in the country

The distribution of pomegranates, like many agricultural products, still faces a number of problems in the field of transportation issues, cumbersome administrative regulations, lack of knowledge of gardeners and exporters.
Distribution of this product in Iran is a big step forward in the advancement in technology and is broadcast online and fully virtual and distributed among the buyers as well as traditional but at the same time traditionally intermediary.
The product is purchased from the garden by the customer and shipped to the fruit and vegetable fields in Harry Township to distribute the fruit to buyers.

Meanwhile, Robab pomegranates are the most popular pomegranate varieties in the country because of their export and distribution conditions for transportation and handling, very pleasant taste, beautiful appearance and customer-friendly, high quality for distribution in the country and high volume production in the country.

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