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Prices of exported red pomegranate in neyriz

Some people think that red pomegranate is different from black pomegranate or other pomegranate in terms of nutritional value, but pomegranates are not much different in nutritional value and the price of exported red pomegranate can be obtained from the sites Gained online.
pomegranate have different varieties in terms of red and black pomegranate, and two types of produce in Iran.

Pomegranate Gardens in neyriz

Neyriz holds the top 40 percent of these gardens, with Saveh ranked second.
Several tons of red pomegranates are exported from elsewhere annually, and the price of exported red pomegranates varies with other types of pomegranates.

Autumn is the harvest season for pomegranates, and gardeners harvest it every year in the first autumn.

Red pomegranate is well known in Neyriz city and is exported to other cities besides Fars province.

Some people buy red pomegranates mainly when harvesting from orchards.

Classy red pomegranates

The best and most desirable red pomegranates are harvested from orchards in different parts of Neyriz city.
The red pomegranates exported from this city are sold by the farmers in very elegant packaging.

This is why in some cases exported red pomegranate prices may be higher because they are of good quality.

The only point that has extensive land of pomegranate orchards is the area of ​​Neyriz in Fars province.
Red pomegranate is one of the fruits harvested in the area which is very tasty.

Foreign customers of Iran pomegranate

According to ISNA, pomegranate is one of the products exported to various countries and neighboring countries.

Asian countries are the largest buyers of Iranian pomegranates, but Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and China and Korea have the most pomegranate trade with Iran.

Red pomegranate export prices

Pomegranate is one of the exported horticultural products whose exports to other countries have increased dramatically in the first half of this year.

But the price of red pomegranate is very good for export because in comparison with other countries, pomegranate is the cheapest pomegranate in Iran.

Export of red pomegranate

According to IRNA Neyriz is the most important pomegranate production center in Iran and there is a lot of exporting there.

So that every year, thousands of tons of pomegranates are produced in fine straw and exported in and out.

The total number of pomegranates produced in the country is one million tons, and the province has been ranked first.

Neyriz, director of agricultural Jihad, told gardeners to use precision in harvesting and packaging to make marketable export products.

He said that the product produced in strawberry because of its good quality and in addition to meet the domestic market need export ability.

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