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أرشيف الوسم : Buy pomegranate for export

Buy pomegranates for export directly from the garden

Buy pomegranates for export

Ask us to buy pomegranates for export directly. Buying pomegranate directly from the garden is a much better price than exporting the market, so if you buy this product in bulk, the price of pomegranates will decrease again. Exported pomegranates are sold by intermediaries and speculators at very high prices, but …

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Buy cheap pomegranates for export wholesale

buy cheap export pomegranates

buy cheap export pomegranates from this collection you can export to other countries and sell pomegranate in different quality and prices, but because of the first-hand supply of export pomegranate company, the prices are very cheap and reasonable. The largest pomegranate producer and distributor in Iran, the company has been …

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